Virtues EP

by Virtues

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Debut EP by Singaporean Melodic Hardcore band, Virtues.

Kavizhnu - Vocals
Randy - Lead
Haziq - Rhythm
Syafiq - Bass/Backing Vocals
Jonathan - Drums


released September 5, 2015

Recorded, mixed & mastered with Aeonix Productions.
Artwork by Darren Raphael Ng.
All music and lyrics by Virtues.



all rights reserved


Virtues Singapore

Virtues are a 5-piece Melodic Hardcore band originating from Singapore.

The band's musical style is heavily influenced by various local and international melodic hardcore bands, and with the help of their deep passion for music, Virtues have gone through various band lineups and genre variations throughout the years to finally become what they are today - a unique blend of melodic hardcore. ... more

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Track Name: Intro
When shit gets too heavy to handle.
Get a piece of paper.
Turn it into poetry.
Written from the bottom of our hearts.
We don't really give two fucks if you like it or not.

This is Virtues for you.
This is our story.

Written from the bottom of our hearts.
We don't really give two fucks if you like it or not.
This is Virtues for you.
This is our story.
Track Name: Oathbreaker
These words easily flow out.
Words that mean nothing anymore.
Keep yourself sane.
This world is a fucking disease.

This knife stabbed deep in me.
Hold on a little longer little one.
I will bring you up and save you.
From this mess.
Fuck every lie you've been told.
Fuck them all.

In this world.
We'll rot and rot until we're all bones.

No I will never be an oathbreaker.
No I will never call this home.

Pictures hang onto the past I've been trying to hold.
Save me from my innocence.
I am lost.
I would give anything to feel safe once again.

I am left alone.
I am not myself anymore.
You said you would protect me.
So much for having my back.
Track Name: Lines Between Us
These castles I've built.
Its walls are infinite.
But somehow.
They're all falling on me.
They've never let me down.
But this time.
They're falling brick by brick.
Were you sent for destruction upon my peace?

I've been pushing.
And your aura.
Keeps alluring me closer to you.
Please don't let this story end.
With you drenched in my dying spirit.

I've placed these steps in front of me.
In hopes that it will not turn into a huge regret.
As I walk into a realm of air so thick.
It keeps me barely breathing.

Your touch on me.
Soothes me from within.

Tell me I'm not losing my mind.
It's all too familiar again.
The air is cold and the clouds are low.
But there is still gold.

I know what has to be done.
To follow my hopes and dreams.
To be a man that I have never been.

And as I stand before us.
There's a line between us.
That cannot be moved.

There's a line between us.
Turning everything from gold to dust.

These castles I've built.
It's walls are infinite.
But somehow.
They're all falling on me.
They've never let me down.
But as you go.
And it's hard to let you go.

These eyes were always meant for me.
Your eyes were meant for me.
Track Name: Lifeline
A woman cries tonight.
Her only son has died.
He fought a war that's not his own.

My hands are fucking high in the sky.
If you hear her.
Call her name.

They stride, graze and sleep without a second to spare.
For the mess you have made.
Why should we clean up their fucking mess?
We won't.
We'd rather fucking bleed here.

Everyone knows the price of everything.
But the value of nothing.
The selfishness of your behaviour.
It's getting fucking hard to breathe.

Now when there isn't an answer.
We suddenly turn to the Gods and plead.
But the bombs blew the trains up yesterday.

Everyone knows the price of everything.

The suits and ties don't give a fuck.
I hope they will rot in Hell.
I know we are not small.

Your turn is coming up.
We will skin you alive.
And you'll know the price of life.
We know how it will be.

Leaving this unspoken.
Track Name: Afflictions (ft. Kurt from Straight Forward)
All these wounds afflicted can not be healed.
I have suffered and bled until my skin have stucked to my bones.
If you think that this is the last time.
You are motherfucking wrong.

I am sick of this filth I face.
Against the world I stand to prove myself for the unwilling kind.
I will never let this pass me by.

It's time to pay up bitch.

With this knife I will engrave my name.
My name on your face.
To let the world know.
The demon you have awakened.

Revenge I will seek until you have drawn your last breath.
I will watch you bleed.
Cause only then will my sorrows be set free.
Just wait until this hands are set free.
Cowards like you only seek refuge.
Cause the weak is all you feed on.

These torn tattered wounds will eventually lead me home.

Now the path has been written so clearly.
You are destined to a death of fucking dishonor.
The box in which you'll be put to rest.
I'll be the one nailing down the top.

Six feet under is where you belong.
Animals like you show no remorse.
So it's like I have said this before.